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Common carpet cleaning methods – steam carpet cleaning

Carpet technology like every other technology slowly changes over time with different fabrics and ways to make and colour them. They can have many different priorities for their use, for example in an office it might be that the carpet is very hard wearing and easy to clean, or for your home if you have pets and children then it might be that it is easy to clean.
Most buyers don’t read the label or necessarily listen to the advice (if it’s given) on the best way to clean their carpet. There may even be things you can and can’t do with detergents and cleaning chemicals (see our carpet cleaning tips for more info).
It’s fairly obvious that all carpets are different and some may require different cleaning to what you had in mind.

Different carpet cleaning methods

There are basically 4 main ways to clean a carpet thoroughly and they are:

  • Steam Cleaning
  • Foam Encapsulation (Sometimes still called shampooing)
  • Dry Cleaning (Compound cleaning)
  • Bonnet Cleaning

Each of these different methods has it’s own benefits and if you are lucky you will be able to choose any depending on the type of carpet you have. Some may not be right for the carpet and some may not give you the required results. At A2Z we offer different carpet cleaning methods that will best suit your carpet or cleaning needs. Some are more common than others so let’s look at them individually.

Steam carpet cleaning machine

Steam Carpet Cleaning

The technical term for this is “Hot Water Extraction Cleaning”, but is most commonly referred to as steam cleaning. This uses high pressure hot water in order to agitate the carpet fibres and loosen all the dirt and pollutants. Cleaning agents are used directly on the carpet, especially the soiled area and then left to settle for a little while.
After this the same equipment will then be used to rinse and clean the carpet of all the loosened dirt and dust and the carpet is then left to dry naturally. The cleaning time and drying time are both quite quick due to the steam action. This is because very little water and solvents are left behind during the process.
The great benefit of steam cleaning is that it suits most carpet types and due to the short times involved it’s cheaper and also more convenient. The next great benefit of steam carpet cleaning is its ability to remove stains due to the temperature and the agitation. The downside is that it is not the best method for dust mites and allergens. This is because many common allergens and mold thrive in damp environments and steam cleaning leaves your carpets a bit moist afterwards. It can also slightly shrink your carpet fibres and also slightly fade the colouring much as you would expect with your clothes being regularly washed hot with your washing machine.

Let Melbourne’s A2Z inform you of the best option on carpet cleaning¬† with a free quote and friendly advice.