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Dust mites in your carpet and how to remove them

The perfect environment for dust mites to gather is unfortunately our carpets, rugs, mattresses and floors. These mites and other household allergens can cause all manner of health problems, from breathing, sneezing and runny nose, itchy skin and eyes as well as rashes and many other unpleasant symptoms.

Pollen, dirt and crumbs that fall onto these surfaces causing the above problems, and dust mites feed upon all the human skin which is shed (80% of dust is human skin). Dust is mainly unavoidable, but the regular deep clean provided by steam cleaning can massively reduce these problems in your home.

Dust mites and how they affect our allergies

The bugs themselves cause no direct actual harm (although they can bite and leave a rash in some cases), but their fecal matter (yep, poo!) sadly causes symptoms in about 50% to 80% of all Asthma sufferers worldwide. They live deep down in the carpet fibres and breed, but they become airborne when the carpet get disturbed by everyday use, or when moving a piece of furniture and that space behind or underneath suddenly gets blown into the air and then inhaled, trapped in our clothes or come into direct contact with our skin.

Common dust mites in your carpet!

Dust mites problems in carpets are cumulative meaning that they get worse over time as they breed. Common dry carpet cleaning will reduce them, but this method doesn’t truly deep clean the way steam does. The term “spring clean” comes from history when households would be forced to close their windows due to the cold and in spring when the weather changed, they could air and clean the house of this yearly build up. The problem is the same today as it is then, and asthma numbers are on the increase due to tiled and laminate flooring and double glazing. Laminate and tiled floors mean that dust just sits on the surface and more easily becomes airborne with the windows less likely to be letting in any fresh air as they are sealed so well.
So lets look at what can help.

Carpet dust mite removal tips:

  • Regular dry vacuuming. It seems obvious, but weekly is best. Use a HEPA filter equipped vacuum if you can. If this becomes tiresome then you can always get A2Z in for a thorough deep steam carpet clean when needed.
  • Keep your room humidity below 50%. Mites thrive in moist conditions. Use aircon in the summer and a dehumidifier to help.
  • Use off the shelf powder products that can kill dust mites. These are messy and very impractical, let alone come with their own set of allergy and non eco friendly problems, but they will kill dust mites.
  • Special care is needed with furry or feathered pets. Their own natural hair loss will increase the mites growth rate. Make their sleeping areas on hard floors and away from your main living areas.
  • Pay attention to when you are opening your windows, in hot humid regions you will be raising the humidity of your home, and at peak times also letting in pollen and other airborne allergans.
  • Get a professional carpet cleaner in at least once a year. This will lighten your regular cleaning load and save you time whilst hugely reducing these problems.

To work out the best solution contact A2Z Cleaning Melbourne will advise, factoring in all these elements and give you an estimate to help keep your home allergy free.