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Common carpet cleaning methods – foam carpet cleaning or encapsulation (sometimes called shampooing)

Carpet technology like every other technology slowly changes over time with different fabrics and ways to make and colour them. They can have many different priorities for their use, for example in an office it might be that the carpet is very hard wearing and easy to clean, or for your home if you have pets and children then it might be that it is easy to clean.
Most buyers don’t read the label or necessarily listen to the advice (if it’s given) on the best way to clean their carpet. There may even be things you can and can’t do with detergents and cleaning chemicals (see our carpet cleaning tips for more info).
It’s fairly obvious that all carpets are different and some may require different cleaning to what you had in mind.

Different carpet cleaning methods

There are basically 4 main ways to clean a carpet thoroughly and they are:

  • Steam Cleaning
  • Foam Encapsulation (Sometimes still called shampooing)
  • Dry Cleaning (Compound cleaning)
  • Bonnet Cleaning

Each of these different methods has it’s own benefits and if you are lucky you will be able to choose any depending on the type of carpet you have. Some may not be right for the carpet and some may not give you the required results. At A2Z we offer different carpet cleaning options that will best suit your carpet or cleaning needs. Some are more common than others so let’s look at them individually.

Foam carpet cleaning machine in action

Carpet shampooing or foam encapsulation

Shampooing your carpets was introduced in the 1970’s and it’s now a fairly old technique that has changed into what is now technically called Encapsulation. Old style shampooing had some big drawbacks like leaving behind a large amount of moisture and residue. There was no rinsing so when your carpet finally dried (after days) there would be a sticky residue left behind that actually attracted more dirt to stick to it and be harder to vacuum! Nowadays modern encapsulation uses better synthetic detergents that will create a foam that will crystallise into a fine powder that can be easily vacuumed away when dry. These products can be bought off the shelf and the cleaning done without the skill of a carpet cleaner.
The benefit of this over the old style shampooing is again the quicker drying times, plus also that the chemicals used are kinder to the environment and your carpets. The downside is that because it doesn’t utilise high pressure of temperature then it is less effective on deep down dirt and especially hard to remove stains. It’s good for regular light use but is not utilised by professionals as much due to the fact you can use this method at home yourself although there are still machines that utilise this method.

Let Melbourne’s A2Z inform you of the best option on having your carpet cleaned with a free quote and friendly advice.