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Steam Carpet Cleaning Services for Melbourne

The best way to maintain an acceptable appearance of your carpet is to vacuum it regularly. At A2Z melbourne carpet cleaning we believe in total carpet care and achieve it through professional equipment, proper chemicals and well trained carpet cleaners (technicians). To restore the carpet to its previous glory we don’t perform miracles but work hard to do so. Different carpet fiber react differently to soiling and spotting conditions, sun fade, stains, smoke, urine, water etc. Our carpet cleaners (technicians) will identify which method of cleaning best suits your carpets. A2Z Carpet Cleaning Melbourne employ two different methods.

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Why should you get your carpet cleaned?

First reason is health, a clean carpet is free of dirt and bacteria. Next is maintaining new like appearance of the carpet. Carpet Cleaning will extend the life of the carpet as accumulated dust acts like abrasive and wear out the carpet quicker.

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One of the most common method of carpet cleaning which is very popular and effective is hot water extraction or as what is commonly known as steam cleaning. Soils are suspended with hot detergents in a solution and then removed with wet vacuuming. This method is recommended by all major carpet manufacturers. This method is employed where there is a lot of dirt in the carpet.

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A solvent solution is sprayed onto the carpet evenly and then agitated with a rotary scrubber to loosen the dirt. Next step is to absorb the dirt onto a bonnet pad. This method is recommended for new carpets where there is minimum soiling. One of the biggest advantages is that carpet is dry sooner. This method is not recommended for heavily soiled carpets.

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The best way after a clean to keep your carpet and upholstery looking that way for longer is scotch guard protector. It is an invisible barrier, which resists and protects the fabric and fiber from liquids such as coke, wine, coffee, etc.