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Scotchguard protection for your carpets and how it helps

Throughout years of experience and extensive training, the A2Z Cleaning team has fine-tuned their knowledge and skill with Scotchguard protection treatments for oil and water-based stains, asthma and allergies, static electricity and moth damage. Scotchguard cleaning protect the fabric from both oil and water-based stains.


Carpet & Upholstery Protection (Scotchguard)

Whether you are looking to preserve new carpet and upholstery or hoping to prevent further damage on an old one, we strongly recommend that it be treated with our professional protector solutions. A combination of foot traffic and vacuuming will always cause wear to the factory protection layer, leaving your carpet exposed to permanent damage and stains from even a single spill.

Applying the Scotchguard protection can:

  • Prevent the abrasive effect of dust and dirt by keeping it closer to the surface of the fibres
  • Scotchguard cleaning helps your vacuum extract more dirt and reduces the effect of common traffic patterns
  • Protect the fabric from both oil and water-based stains
  • Defend against moth damage
  • Prevent the effects of static electricity, which is a build-up of electrical charges inside carpet and furniture
  • Be a protective treatment for asthma and allergies

Applying the Scotchguard Cleaning Protection slows down the process of staining by covering carpet and upholstery fibres with a protective coat. This thin layer helps repel water, oil and soil, giving you a far better chance of cleaning both specific spots and the material in general.

There are two major types of carpet protector:

  • Soil retardants help prevent build-up of dirt in piles
  • Stain repellents help shield fabric from liquid spills

There are some products that give you the best of both worlds by combining soil retardant and stain repellent qualities.

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