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Getting your mattress cleaned properly by professionals

It can be taken for granted how much our furniture can collect dust and become a home for some unwanted guests. While we may take it for granted, mattresses are included in this category and can harbour mites, bacteria and fungi even if it isn’t immediately obvious to the naked eye, causing potential health risks.

Dust mites are the most common allergen producing organisms and often enjoy settling down in mattresses and pillows. They are responsible for 90% of all allergy related symptoms like asthma and eczema, which a huge chunk of the population suffers from. Dust mites love a constant, moist environment and feed on dead organic material like skin flakes, making a mattress a perfect place for them to quickly reproduce.

Mattress Cleaning

Cleaning the mattress on your own is hard work, and you may cause damage to the material or create risk of mold growing if it doesn’t properly dry. We have extensive experience cleaning mattresses, pillows and duvets with enough care to ensure any dust is removed while the material isn’t damaged. It is strongly advised that you have them professional cleaned on a regular basis to avoid any of the potential health risks and to make future cleaning much easier and more effective.

We use advanced equipment and steam cleaning techniques to keep both you and your family safe from harmful bacteria and fungi. Once the cleaning process is finished, we will purge any odors and leave the mattress as fresh as it was when you first bought it.