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Melbourne’s Trusted Name in Upholstery Cleaning

You’ve invested a lot of money in beautiful furniture to make your home comfortable and look great. It’s time to invest a little in keeping your upholstery clean and smelling great. Regularly cleaning your upholstery can also help prolong the life of the furniture, saving you money in the long run.

Upholstery Cleaning


We clean all types furniture, anywhere across Melbourne

Regardless of what type of furniture you have, our team has the expertise and experience to ocean it all. We cover:

  • Arm chairs
  • Dining chairs
  • Love seats
  • Lounge suites
  • Car seats
  • Recliners and more!


We use a six-step process:

  • Evaluation – We closely examine your furniture for stains and spots, ensuring we know exactly what areas to focus on. We can also provide professional advice about the state of the fabric and offer any tips for care.
  • Vacuum – We remove the dry soiling with a powerful vacuum system. It provides high grade filtration to lift 70% of the dry dirt.
  • Pre-conditioning – We apply our detergent and clean the spots that need additional attention.
  • Agitation – With soft brushes and pads, we gently massage the fabric to break down oils and soil.
  • Extraction – With heat and a powerful vacuum we lift the detergent out of the upholstery, along with the dirt and soil.
  • Deodourising – We neutralize any smells and ensure no sticky residue is left behind. Our acid rise process ensures there is no chemical residue build-up


Regular upholstery cleaning as part of a comprehensive service

As a team of cleaning professionals, upholstery cleaning is just one part of our Melbourne-based services. We can take care of your carpets, as well as the tiles and grout in kitchen and bathroom and ducts. This allows you to get all the cleaning out of the way and spend more time enjoying your home.


To ensure your furniture remains in top condition:

  • Avoid exposure to direct sunlight
  • Vacuum it as part of your regular household chores
  • Don’t leave newspapers on your furniture as they can leave an ink residue
  • Rotate and flip your cushions regularly to maintain their shape
  • Get your upholstery professionally cleaned annually


We can also clean and restore leather furniture

Leather needs to be maintained and cared for to ensure its long life and continued good looks. Our service uses a six-step process to protect your investment.


Our Leather cleaning system is a six step process and includes the following:

  • Pre inspection for damage or any permanent stains.
  • Pre inspect the type of leather.
  • Pre-treat stains with leather solution.
  • Soil extraction and rinse
  • Leather protection applied.
  • Speed drying with blower.

Leather needs to be maintained and our technicians can recommend a maintenance regime, which will make your suite last years longer and look much better. Remember, leather is not a maintenance free product!

Cleaning leather seats in cars or dining chairs is also important as both are subjected to harsh treatment by the sun and sticky fingers.

Get in touch with our team today for further information

Aside from cleaner, healthier furniture, regular cleaning can also extend the life of your furniture, prevent unpleasant odours around your home, and restore the color of your upholstery.

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